Summer is winding down and kids are starting to think about ‘having’ to go back to school.  I can’t really fuss at the kids for this because as a teacher I felt the same way.  It is so nice to be completely free for a few months (well as a teacher not completely free because there are all of those summer workshops but mostly free at least).  There are a few things you can do to get your kids ready to start a new school year but they aren’t necessarily things your kids are going to be happy about.  I suggest them because doing them now will make actually going back to school so much easier for you as a parent, and for your child.

* Get back on a regular sleep schedule.

* Often children stop having a bed time and wake up time in the summer.  A few weeks before school starts implement both.

* Exercise

* Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have had to say this (or rather a teacher wouldn’t have to give this advice because twenty years ago I was a student).  Too many kids spend all summer sitting on their butt.  Once they go back to school they will be expected to jump back into the P.E. groove.  In most parts of the country it is still very warm (or if you are where I am DANGED HOT).  Make sure they start playing outside for half an hour to an hour each day continuously to get ready for P.E.

* Review

* Try to review the big concepts they learned last year so they will be ready for new information this year.  This is especially important in math because math skills build each year on the skills learned the previous year.  Trust me, your child will have a much easier time if he or she has had a chance to review.

* Go over expectations.

* Let your child know what kind of behavior and study habits you expect from them.  Some parents think their children should just ‘know’.  They don’t.  There kids, you’re the adult.  Tell them what you want.

Are there any other ways you try to help your child get prepared for the upcoming school year?

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