The longer you read this blog the more you will know just how important I believe the use of technology is to the successful advancement of our education system. I was so excited the other day when I wrote about TutorVista that I did some more looking to see what others have to say about the fantastic tutoring program. Let’s see what others are saying:

* Reviews for tutorvista – They recommend TutorVista and though they point out the price as being high, they also note that the price is for an entire month of tutoring vs the average cost being around $25 an hour for a one on one private tutor.

* Reviews for tutorvista – This review done by teachers, for teachers recommend TutorVista as a powerful online tutoring took and a better and more cost effective solution (especially in small towns) then other learning centers.

* Reviews for tutorvista – Wikipedia shows that though the company initially struggled to gain acceptance given that it was founded by an unknown Indian company, they have now received backing from noted educational materials companies as American Book Company and Pearson.

For a company just out of the start-up phase TutorVista is rapidly gained acceptance in Education community. Their combination of technologies is what I think gives them the edge. Making use of internet phone for one on one conversations; online collaborative whiteboard software; and internet chat technology is a giant leap in the right direction for our education system. I believe that the more we embrace the possibilities presented to us by technology the more we can dramatically advance the education system in America. But that’s just my opinion – do some looking then let me know what you think.

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