And that’s a fact. Another fact is that you can get the knowledge independent of your age and location. Ashford University with Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degrees offered in a wide number of subject fields is also a fact. And they offer both studying options on campus as well as an online option. Fact. However, there’s one more fact that is often forgotten.
University should not be just about studying and in this sense, I would highly suggest everyone to participate in on-campus studies. To hang around with other students, to live the student life, to enjoy life in general! Studying….yes, that’s important too. But think about the TV show Community, for example, you need to have fun too! And when we come back to Ashford University, you definitely shouldn’t forget about the fun-factor. Whatever you do, keep it fun! Attend the Cosmic Bowling, go out and have fun with your newly found friends, have a grill out, play board games. Of course, in between everything, before and after, have some water with vitamins (you know what I mean by that, right? Water with lots of B vitamin!)

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