If you’d like to educate yourself as well as your family about topics related to the environment, being more eco-friendly as well as learn about choosing products that have as environmentally friendly packaging as possible, the new website launched by Evergreen Packaging might be meant just for you. The website is located at the address choosecartons.com and has been built as a community to educate the consumers about the advantages of carton packaging. Among other things, you can find lots of great eco-facts, tips for living an eco-friendlier lifestyle and it also offers downloadable children’s activities.
According to EcoFocus Worldwide’s 2013 EcoFocus Trend Study today more moms than ever consider being eco-friendly and installing the same views on their children extremely important. Many of them try to choose products with packaging that is as eco-friendly as possible. Packaging responsibly and in materials that are recyclable isn’t anymore just a marketing technique but a true need both for the mother Earth and to us, the people.
The survey actually brought out that nearly three-fourths of women with kids could be classified as EcoAware Moms who believe that there is a very visible correlation between personal health and environmental health.

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