Do you know what Anaphylaxis is?

Do you know what anaphylaxis is? Do you know how it can occur? Do you know what’s the treatment? Do you know why you should know about the condition at all?
The truth is that most people until they have experienced it themselves or with someone close to them, have no idea about it. When it first happened to the son of actress Julie Bowen, she too was in the dark about the condition. Now together with Mylan Specialty L.P. she has launched Raise Your Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness competition that is meant to answer all of the questions asked above, to raise awareness about the condition. And at the end of the competition, four school districts will be getting an education grant of $15 000 to support school programs as well as anaphylaxis-related activities. You can read more about the competition and how you can help your school district at
But before you do, let us give you short (and definitely not definitive) answers to the questions we asked you.
Firstly, anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction caused by allergens, and in some situations, it can cause death. Roughly 1500 people are estimated to die each year due to the condition. Around 1% of the world’s population might have anaphylaxis at some point during their life. Most usual causes/allergens are foods, insect bites, and medication. The main immediate treatment is epinephrine. And the last question, the answer to that should have been found between the lines.

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